24 Hour Inspire 2017 – the ‘Glastonbury of lecturing’ is back!

    THURSDAY 30 MARCH 2017
  Catherine Annabel Inspiration for Life Welcome
17:00 Prof. Vanessa Toulmin City & Cultural Engagement Sheffield: city of beer, art and music
17:30 Dr Andrew Parnell, Paul Evans & Prof. Richard Jones Physics & Astronomy Unweaving the rainbow: colour in art, physics and biology
18:30 Prof. Marie Kinsey Journalism Fake news: checking it out
19:00 Dr Marek Szablewski University of Durham The sewers of Warsaw: from British engineering to escape routes from the Nazis
19:30 Prof. Wyn Morgan Vice President for Education How will Brexit affect your breakfast?
20:00 Dr Adam Smith York St John University Rise of the machines: robots and fiction
20:30 Dr Liz Chesworth Education Play – performing beyond the everyday
21:00 Dr Paul Collini Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease Tuberculosis in the 21st century: the return of consumption?
21:30 Joan Upson Law Uncommon law: a window on the organic development of English law
22:00 Dr Liam Hardy Physics & Astronomy It’s getting hot in here: What should we do about climate change?
22:30 Dr David Hayes Law Law as mythology: embracing the irrationality of the rule of law
23:00 Dr Bob Turner & Dr Nic Mullin Molecular Biology & Biotechnology/ Physics & Astronomy Life under the microscope
23:30 Prof. Allan Pacey Oncology & Metabolism Balls of steel: hints and tips for good fertility
  FRIDAY   31 MARCH 2016
0:00 Dr Matthew Malek Physics & Astronomy Murder at midnight
0:30 Jost Migenda Physics & Astronomy Neutrino: from poltergeist to peacekeeper
1:00 Dan Jenkinson Chemistry How small molecules can make a BIG difference
1:30 Dr Vanessa Hearnden Materials Science & Engineering Fat or fiction: can the stem cells in our fat cure us?
2:00 Dr Ed Daw Physics & Astronomy The blues of physics
2:30 Dr Chris Sexton newly retired Director of CICS Funny Business – the journey to being a stand-up comedian

(Warning – contains post-watershed material)

3:00 Dr Aneurin Kennerley Psychology Brain fizz: making your mind up!
3:30 Laia Pasquina Lemonche Physics & Astronomy The invisible but crucial role of physicists in radiotherapy for cancer
4:00 Aysha Musa Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies Jezebel – the monster behind the myth


4:30 Catherine Annabel French This new Hades: Manchester as a mythical city
5:00 Dr Ines Henriques Cadby School of Health and Related Research Charming mathematicians and their pièces de resistance
5:30 Dr Adrien Chauvet Chemistry Shining light on molecular motions using high power lasers
6:00 Dr Chris Blackmore School of Health and Related Research How happy are we?
6:30 Dr Adam Whitworth Geography Going native with employment support research: reflections on my year of national and regional policy making
7:00 Dr Cormac Behan Law Does prison work?
7:30 Dr Claudia Mazzà Mechanical Engineering Mind your step! A journey into walking biomechanics
8:00 Dr Komarine Romdenh-Romluc Philosophy What is art?
8:30 Prof. Jackie Labbe Vice-President and Head of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Dead Victorian children
9:00 Dr Casey Strine History/ Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies Seeking refuge in Ancient Israel: better or worse than contemporary Great Britain?
9:30 Dr Amber Regis English Charlotte Bronte’s face
10:00 Dr Kristin Hildenbrand & Prof. Karina Nielsen Management School A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way
11:00 Dr Nate Adams & Dr Marieke Navin Molecular Biology & Biotechnology How small is small? (Primary Schools talk)
12:00 Outreach staff & participants Outreach and Widening Participation Team Reaching out with outreach – a young person’s perspective
13:00 Val Derbyshire English Becoming a heroine
13:30 Dr Jonathan Aitken Automatic Controls & Systems Engineering More robots, more fields
14:00 Prof. Ingunn Holen Oncology & Metabolism Breast cancer: how research has made a difference
14:30 Ryan Bramley Education Orgrieve
15:00 Dr Kate Shaw Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste ICTP Physics Without Frontiers: bringing particle physics to Nepal


15:30 Prof. Angela Wright English Of mourning and melancholia: the later works of Mary Shelley
16:00 Prof.Simon Goodwin Physics & Astronomy Is climate change really bad for the earth?
16:30 Prof. Tony Ryan Chemistry Where necessity is the mother of invention: Zaatari refugee camp
17.00 Catherine Annabel Inspiration for Life Closing words


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