About Us

To understand why Inspiration for Life has been set up, and what it aims to do, you’ll need to read Tim’s Story. This is Tim’s vision, and all those of us involved with the charity are working to make it a reality.  We know that many of those who work with us today never had the privilege of meeting Tim.  You can get a sense of him through his diary, For When I’m Sleeping – but most of us have been touched by cancer, directly or indirectly, and we do this work not just for Tim but for the people special to us who we have lost, or who are facing cancer now.

What do we do? We put on a range of activities aiming to promote lifelong learning, and encourage the public understanding of science – publications, lectures and other events. We work within and beyond the University, linking up with schools and other organisations that share these goals.

We encourage students in Physics & Astronomy through the award of prizes each year for those who through their achievements—academic and otherwise—have provided inspiration for others. Working with the Snowdon Trust, we help to overcome the barriers which face students with disabilities by providing grants to support their studies.

The funds we raise through these activities cover minimal necessary costs (printing, etc) but are then channeled to organisations who can fulfill other aspects of the vision—particularly research into the treatment of cancer, and support for cancer patients. We are working in partnership with a number of charities, in particular Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity,  Rotherham Hospice,  Impact Living  and Teenage Cancer Trust.

Tim was an inspiration to so many people. He faced the huge challenge that was cancer with his usual generosity and humour. He used his experience of cancer to empower himself to do the things that were important to him, and through Inspiration for Life we, and you, can be part of that.

Each year we hold a number of activities to raise funds, most notably the annual 24 Hour Inspire, a 24 hour lecture marathon inspired by the amazing solo 24 hour marathon which Tim undertook in 2011, and which raised funds for Children in Need.  You can find out more about this event elsewhere on our site.   We also field a team of runners each year for the Endcliffe Park 10k (Sheffield TenTenTen), which raises funds for Weston Park.  Many of our supporters undertake their own individual fundraising challenges too.

Inspiration for Life needs your support to grow and to achieve Tim’s vision. You can support us not only through donations but by participating in our projects, contributing your ideas and enthusiasm, and spreading the word.

Catherine Annabel
Chair of the Board of Trustees, Inspiration for Life