Sun, Sun, Glorious Sun

In loving memory of Martyn Brian Annabel, 16.11.1955-9.10.2021.

Particular thanks and the Charity’s deepest sympathies go to Catherine Annabel, the Trustee, former Chair, and founding member of Inspiration for Life, who despite unimaginably difficult personal circumstances kept the show on the road with her behind-the-scenes organisation. Thank you Cath. The Inspiration for Life family is with you.

It makes a change to talk about our annual showing at the Sheffield TenTenTen in the context of sun rather than mud. Tim’s Team 2021 was treated to a beautiful crisp Autumn morning turning into a warm, sunny day.

To make donations to the Inspiration for Life fundraising page for this event please click here:

This was a rather auspicious edition of the TenTenTen, not least because of the gorgeous autumnal backdrop, but also because of the long hiatus in between runs that had been precipitated due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There must have been some extra pent-up motivation from the Inspiration for Life massive because an impressive 12 runners made up this year’s Tim’s Team. Two years since the last edition of the race, this would be the 11th edition of the 10km TenTenTen, taking place on 10/10/2021 at 10.10 am. If you’re don’t have numbers swimming around in your head by now, then you haven’t been paying attention!

Some of Tim’s Team – before!

Our charity’s Chair Greg Oldfield was on hand at the Inspiration for Life table, providing coffee, cakes and sweets donated by himself and various volunteers, as well as very handy horizontal surfaces(!) and pens to help runners fill out the information for their race numbers. By 9.30 am a real buzz was forming in the Inspiration for Life area and we managed to snap some pre-race photos with a couple of groups of the runners. 

The run itself was as diverse and challenging as ever. Those arriving to the main event were treated to seeing the fun run participants soaring through the woods on the way over, and that energy was carried over into the 10km race. The TenTenTen is particularly unique for its mixture of trail and path running; in fact, many participant would probably choose to use stronger words than “unique” to describe “That Hill” – the steep left-hand ascent into the woods. Now, having referred to glorious sun, there had been just enough smatterings of rain over the days preceding the race to keep the slope in a very interesting state of almost-muddiness. There you have it: even unseasonal Autumn sun cannot tame the Hill.

After running, walking, or scuttling crab-like up the Hill, a beautiful trail run through Whiteley Woods, including a rather romantic (if you’re feeling that way at 2.5 km) corridor of arched branches, leads back around to the more familiar paths of Bingham Park and Endcliffe Park. All that’s left to do once you’ve done this 5 km magical mystery tour, is to do it all again for the second lap, of course.

Runners from Tim’s Team rocketed through the finish line, the first being Professor Lee Thompson who completed the race in a very impressive 50:36 coming in 177th place overall from a field of 933 runners. There was a real camaraderie at the finishing line and the coffee and treats were rapidly disappearing into the hungry, and now very sweaty, runners. There was another chance to get a couple of pictures of the participants and capture that Tim’s Team spirit.

Some more of Tim’s Team – after!

The event has been a great success with over £600 being raised, with every penny to be passed on to Weston Park Cancer Charity. The link again to donate or see the previous donations is here. Inspiration for Life would like to thank every runner, volunteer, and everyone who made a donation, for keeping our Charity and Dr. Tim Richardson’s vision alive. 

This year’s run is also dedicated to Dr. Maryam Raftari who completed her Ph.D. in the Department of Physics and Astronomy before making a career in the U.S.A. Maryam fought a long battle with cancer, and the charity recently learned that she sadly died, surrounded by her family, in her home country of Iran. Our thoughts are with Maryam’s family and friends and with all who are facing cancer.

Let us also dedicate this run to all of our absent friends and loved ones.

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