Memorial Service, 24 April 2013

Tim meant so much to so many people.   The service that took place today, 24 April 2013, was an attempt to reflect some of the facets of his life, and his personality, through reflections on Tim the teacher, Tim the scientist, Tim the colleague, Tim the friend.    We remembered him in the words of students and colleagues, and in his own words, through extracts from his diary.   We had moments of contemplation through music and through silence.  There were tears, but there was laughter too, as there had to be, when we remembered Tim the joker.  There was an ache of loss but also the warmth of our gratitude for his support and guidance, and of the pleasure we found in his friendship.  We looked back at his life, his achievements, his contribution, but he asked us to look forward too, to appreciate the marvellous gifts of life and of love, and to work with him to enable his charity to fulfil the vision he had for it. 

Thank you Tim, we love you, we will not forget you.   It’s been an honour,  a privilege, and a joy.

Tim’s memorial

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