Maryam’s Story

The 2018 24 Hour Inspire is dedicated to Sheffield alumna Maryam Raftari, with love and support.

Maryam is originally from Iran, and came to Sheffield to do her PhD in the department of Physics & Astronomy.   After she moved to the USA to work, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013.  She’s recently learned that the cancer has returned.



This is her story.

My cancer is spreading and metastasis to my liver, stomach, hips and etc now. It is stage 3c.  My cancer was started from May 2013. After a full hysterectomy and 6 month chemotherapy  I was cancer free. Then I checked my blood test every 6 months. But unfortunately from last summer my tumor marker in my blood test started to be elevated again. I did different types of therapy these last months but they didn’t help.

About one month ago my CA125 blood test which is an indicator for ovarian cancer was 213. However the normal range is less than 35. And my doctor changed my medication again. But last week I had more pain for few days and I went to the emergency room. They did a CT Scan and they found that the cancer is spreading and my tumor elevator is 500 now. So I need to start chemotherapy very soon and maybe I will need to do surgery as well.

Inspiration for Life can’t help Maryam practically or medically – but our support  can still make a difference.

As I know that you and other people think about me , I can have more positive energy.

Whilst we can’t as a charity raise funds to help cover Maryam’s medical bills, one of her friends has set up a fundraising page for this purpose.  It would be wonderful if some of our supporters were able to contribute to this.  Her friend Hamaseh says:

Unfortunately Maryam lost her job recently and she has no health insurance and since she lives in US the treatment expenses are very high. The thought of paying for her treatment is an additional stress and we all know cancer patients need all their energy fighting the disease.

She is a fighter and she is determinedto beat cancer one more time, but she needs our help to do that. Let’s lessen her pain and stress by covering her treatment expenses.

All the money will be spent for her treatment and any extras will be donated for cancer research.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to read Maryam’s story and helping her.