Links and Information

You can find a lot of useful information about cancer treatment and research on the websites of our partner charities.  In addition, we’ll add anything we find from other organisations and individuals that might be helpful to anyone currently being treated for cancer, and for their families.

We’ve been contacted by an organisation, the Mesothelioma Centre, who publish information about asbestos related cancers.  It’s a US site, so some of the information (about where to find treatment, and about legal options, for example) is specific to our American supporters, but there is also plenty of general information about these cancers which may be useful to anyone affected.

Elsewhere on our site, we will be focusing on the personal experiences of people directly affected by cancer – one of our first actions as a charity was to publish our founder Tim Richardson’s diary of his cancer journey, which you can buy here.  We hope to offer a rich variety of experiences (good and bad), outcomes (good and bad) and individual responses to draw upon. There’s lots of information to be gained from these individual accounts, and from the associated links.