24 Hour Inspire 2018

The 2018 24 Hour Inspire will take place on 19-20 April 2018, in the Hicks Building at the University of Sheffield.  All funds raised will be donated to Rotherham Hospice and Impact Living and you can donate here.

Get your wristband on the door. Minimum donation of £10 (£7 concessions) will give you access to the full 24 hours of talks, and/or 24 hour boardgaming, plus a complementary hot drink and bun from the tuck shop!   If you really can only stay for one talk, your minimum donation will be £3.  But when there’s so much going on, why not stay a bit longer, and check out the next lecture, listen to some live music in the foyer, or join in the boardgaming?



From early afternoon on the 19th our fabulous pop-up Radio Inspire will be broadcasting a mix of music, interviews, quizzes, and spoken word programmes.  So if you really can’t be there for the whole 24 hours, you can listen in from wherever you are.  We’ll provide the link so you can log in.

The event is dedicated to Tim Richardson, who founded Inspiration for Life, and to Victoria Henshaw, a colleague from Urban Studies who died in 2014.

This year we are also dedicating the 24 Hour Inspire to Sheffield alumna Dr Maryam Raftari, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, with our love and support.

Maryam graduation

See Maryam’s Story for more information.


Here’s your first look at our full programme!  More details of each talk will follow.


  THURSDAY 19 April 2018
  Catherine Annabel Welcome
17:00 Professor Peter Bath Space for Sharing
18.00 Professor Tim Birkhead Sperm and Eggs for Breakfast
18:30 Dr Chris Stride Shirt Tales: why grown adults wear replica football kits
19:00 Dr Matthew Malek Towards a Theory of Everything: Grand Unification
19:30 Professor Jennifer Saul Dogwhistles, Figleaves, and the Rise of Donald Trump
20:00 Dr Judy Clegg Children’s communication and their life chances
20:30 Professor Alistair Warren Critical Periods in Brain Development
21:00 Kimberley Weir I Shall Return: Remembering the Second World War in the Philippines
21:30 Dr Sabine Little Memories of Reading
22:00 Dr Joanna Buckley Anything from the Trolley?
22.30 Dr Nate Adams Why I Hate Whiskey
23:00 Dr Cormac Behan Criminal Justice or Social Justice: What do the public want?
23:30 Dr Esther Hobson Nothing About Me, Without Me
  FRIDAY 20 April 2018
0:00 Jost Migenda Particles for Peace – Where Politics and Physics Meet
0:30 Jim Weston Helter Skelter to Helical Spirals: How The Beatles changed medical diagnosis
1:00 Dr Jonathan Aitken Who’s Afraid of the Robot? Moving robotics outside the lab
1:30 Dr Aneurin Kennerley I’m now a Yorkshire HypI
2:00 Catherine Annabel Beyond the Bechdel Test: Seeing ourselves on screen
2:30 Chella Quint #periodpositive
3:00 Mary Going The Blood is the Life: An exploration of Dracula’s Jewish shadow
3:30 Emily Marlow Religion and the Gothic in Videogames
4:00 Ash Darrow The Hidden Gothic History of Gaming: Exploring the ludology of the Gothic
4:30 Professor Dave Petley Shake, Rattle and Roll: Landslides caused by earthquakes
5:00 Dr Richard Parker Is the Sun a Thief? Evidence for an exoplanet in the solar system
5:30 Dr David Hayes Punishment After the State: Anarchy, utopia, and criminal justice today
6:00 Dr Ben Jones The Science behind Aviation Security
6:30 Dr Jenny Freeman Your Eye Sees some Numbers, Your Brain Sees a Tiger!
7:00 Dr Seán Williams Wigs and Women’s Stories of Cancer on Screen
7:30 Professor Wyn Morgan Food for life: a life in food
8:00 Professor Richard Jones The Second Coming of Industrial Strategy
8:30 Dr Sarah Brooks Is there a Place for Business People in Academia?
9:00 Valerie Derbyshire Words and Pictures: Charlotte Smith (1749-1806) and the artists of her day
9:30 Post-16 Outreach Team Reaching out with Outreach
10:00 Dr Komarine Romdenh Romluc Habit
10.30 Professor Simon Goodwin How Weird is the Earth?
11:00 Dr Nate Adams & Dr Marieke Navin The Travelling Rainbow Show (Primary Schools talk)
12:00 Dr Marek Szablewski The Life of a Refugee:  My mother’s life in 10 objects
12.30 Professor Lee Thompson Cosmic rays, Pyramids and Volcanoes
13:00 Penny Andrews Masculinity and the Labour Party, 1994-2017
13.30 Dr Ed Daw Jazz in the Hidden Sector
14:00 Dr Sharron Hinchliff Making the Invisible Visible: What do we learn when we talk to older adults about relationships, intimacy, and sex?
14:30 Dr Casey Strine Joseph, the Technicolor Migrant: Looking afresh at Genesis 37–50
15:00 Professor Ingunn Holen Breast Cancer Research – are we getting anywhere?
15:30 Dr Amber Regis Becoming Currer Bell; or, Charlotte Brontë’s Rudest Joke
16:00 Joan Upson & Pete Odell Law through story telling
16:30 Professor Tony Ryan Zaatari
17.00 Catherine Annabel Closing words