Research Records Podcast

Inspiration for Life are delighted to launch our brand new podcast: Research Records!

Research Records is a monthly podcast published by Inspiration for Life and hosted by Professor Marie Kinsey (Journalism) and Professor Tony Ryan OBE (Chemistry) from The University of Sheffield. Each month we are joined by esteemed guests from The University of Sheffield (and occasionally further afield) for a lively and engaging chat about their personal and professional journey alongside their own soundtrack to academic adventure, all over the course of about 45 minutes.

For now, the podcast is available on Spotify, Anchor, and Mixcloud. As you are such an extremely friendly bunch, please let us know at if you have any trouble playing Research Records on any of these platforms and we’ll do our best to fix it. (There are certainly a few issues with Spotify if you *don’t* have their app installed on your phone and computer).

If you love the podcast or would just like to support our work, why not make a small donation to our Ko-Fi page

In Series 1, Episode 1, our intrepid presenters come face to face as Professor Marie Kinsey interviews Professor Tony Ryan OBE. Enjoy the podcast and please let us know your thoughts via all the usual social media channels!

Massive kudos to the members of Inspiration for Life and beyond that have made this possible.

  • Hosts: Professor Marie Kinsey and Professor Tony Ryan OBE 
  • Introduction: Greg Oldfield (Chair of Inspiration For Life)
  • Opening Music and Production: Clint Fandango a.k.a. Andy Tattersall

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