24 Reasons to be Cheerful

It’s nearly Advent, and with the best will in the world, Christmas will be different this year – for many of us, the big family gatherings will be out, and Zoom catch-ups will replace the hours sitting together watching soppy films or playing Monopoly. It’s worth it, of course, to keep ourselves and the people we love safe.

But we need reasons to be cheerful. And all of us at Inspiration for Life are about to provide 24 of them!

From 1 December, each day we will feature a short clip made by one of our trustees, 24 Hour Inspire speakers, charity partners and other supporters. We’re not going to tell you what to expect – that would spoil the fun! But we hope you’ll find something funny, something sweet, something daft, something uplifting, something inspiring, during the Advent period.

And we hope you’ll donate to support our partner charities. Fundraising is hard for all charities during the pandemic, whether they’re small and local or massive international organisations, and our friends at Weston Park Cancer Charity, Impact Living and Rotherham Hospice have faced real challenges in continuing their vital work. So you can help. Just click on the link and donate whatever you can afford, however small an amount it is.

24 Reasons to be Cheerful is, most of all, our Christmas gift to all of our supporters, to everyone who’s spoken, bought tickets and cups of tea, or volunteered at the 24 Hour Inspire, everyone who’s been part of Tim’s Team at the Endcliffe Park 10k, everyone who’s followed our Twitter and Facebook, and visited our website. Thank you all, stay safe and well, and we wish you a happy Christmas. See you in 2021!

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