Mud, mud, glorious mud!

We’d all been checking the weather forecasts rather obsessively in the weeks/days leading up to the 2019 101010 – and right up to the day before the BBC was predicting heavy rain overnight on Saturday (after quite a lot of heavy rain during the week), and all through the race day.

But we woke to glimpses of blue sky, and only the occasional spit and spot of rain in the breeze, and for much of the morning, we even had sunshine!  There was, however, a LOT of mud. The field itself was treacherous enough, and the runners found themselves slipping and sliding along the paths and up That Hill: there were some tumbles but everyone made it back across the finish line.

Some runners had given themselves mud warpaint before the start of the race – by the end, everyone was well coated with the stuff!

Our team this year was small to start with, as the race places sold out within a day or so of opening, and further reduced by injuries. But we had seven intrepid runners on the day, and they did us proud.

Arthur was the first of Tim’s Team to cross the line, followed by Fran,  then Wyn, then Raveendra and Dave, and then Angie and Claire. No one will have gained a new personal best time on Sunday – even Arthur couldn’t do his usual sprint finish as the field was far too slippery!

The team was ably supported by Tim’s sister Susan, who brought cake, her husband Phil, who took the photos, and Buddy the Inspiration for Life dog…

It was a lovely event, as always. And, as always, there was sadness. Some of us remembered our very first Tim’s Team outing, with Tim there to cheer us on. All of us, I’m sure, had someone particular in mind when we thought of the reasons we were all there – I was thinking of my brother Greg, who’s undergoing chemo at Charing Cross Hospital at present, and of my best friend’s brother Jonathan who died at St Luke’s Hospice just a few weeks ago. 

And of course, we thought of Jo Morgan, to whom the 2019 run was dedicated.  Jo was in our 2017 team with her husband Wyn but was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died in August this year. Yesterday, Wyn was running in her memory, and with the support of all of us there, and so many others with us in spirit.

Our fundraising page is still open for donations, and all the funds raised will go to support Weston Park Cancer Charity.


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