Tim’s Team 2019 – this one’s for Jo

This year’s Endcliffe Park 10k (6 October 2019) is the tenth event – the first one was held on 10 October 2010, hence the name!  Tim’s Team got involved in 2012, after Tim Richardson was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and we’ve fielded a team every year since.

This year, we’re dedicating our running, and our fundraising, to Jo Morgan, who ran with us in 2017, and whose husband, Wyn, is in this year’s team.

Jo running 1

Of course, every one of us who takes part, whether we’re actually tackling The Hill or just handing out jelly-babies and rattling the collection tin, will be thinking of the people we care about who we’ve lost to cancer, or who are fighting it right now.

And always when we do this particular run we’ll think of Tim, who started this whole thing, when he responded to his diagnosis with a determination to do something positive to help in the fight against cancer. That determination has resulted in around £30,000 going to cancer charities over the last seven years – he’d be so proud of everyone who’s worked to achieve that!

The most important thing is that every pound we raise goes to Weston Park Cancer Charity, and helps them to continue their vital work in researching to improve diagnosis and treatment, and in supporting those with cancer and their families.

Tim’s Team 2019 is Arthur Annabel, Claire Beecroft, Simon Beecroft, Aldous Everard, Catherine McKeown, Fran Marshall, Wyn Morgan, Ravindra Pasumarthi, Angie Rees, and Dave Sahman.

You can support them here and you can cheer them on in Endcliffe Park on 6 October – the run starts at 10.10!



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