Tim’s Team 2018…

was a smaller group than usual – mainly because the Endcliffe Park 10k is so popular these days that places sold out very shortly after they were made available, and quite a few of our regulars missed out.

We’ll have to be quicker off the mark next year!  We also had a few people out due to injuries and ill health.

Ravindra 2018


Never mind!  We had nine runners, including Ravindra, who joined us late on Saturday evening, and was donning his Inspiration for Life vest at 9.00 am on Sunday – we hope he’ll be a regular from now on.


There were no last minute panics about the loos this year but no medals for the runners as they crossed the line (they’ll be arriving soon, we understand).  But plenty of jelly babies, and a couple of gorgeous cakes courtesy of Tim’s mum Barbara, so everyone was happy.



Mike (our Treasurer) was the first Tim’s Team member to cross the line, with an excellent time of 50.13 – all the more impressive given that he started the day swigging Lemsips.  Martin McCallister was close behind, at 51.25, and Catherine McKeown was third, with 53.20.

The TenTenTen (so called because the very first one took place on 10 October 2010) is a tricky course.  Not all runners enjoy the trail aspects of it – a very slippery (and often muddy) and very steep hill, narrow woodland paths with tree roots to trip up the unwary, and paths through the park with dogs and small children to negotiate.  But even if road runners aren’t going to get new Personal Bests here, it’s a lovely event, with a beautiful route.  Especially if the sun shines, as it did for us this year.

We never quite manage to get everyone together for the photos – people keep wandering off!  But here’s the team pre-run (left to right: Catherine, Dave, Fran, Ravindra, Mike and Martin) and post-run (left to right: Fran, Catherine, Ravindra, Mike (with Leo) and Martin), plus Simon, Angie and Claire.  Well done to all of you!

We do this every year, as we have done since 2012, to raise funds for Weston Park Cancer Charity.  That first year, Tim was there to cheer us on – he was having chemo at Weston Park at the time, having been diagnosed with a terminal cancer that June.  We weren’t set up as a charity at that stage, and didn’t have our lovely vests to mark us out, so one of the team’s supporters made yellow rosettes which we all wore, and some of us had yellow ribbons around our arms too.  It was a very emotional occasion, and for many of those present it was the last time they saw Tim, as his condition started to deteriorate very quickly at the end of 2012.  He died in February 2013.

Many of those who run with us now didn’t know Tim.  Some of our team run in memory of Victoria Henshaw, another lecturer at the University who died of cancer in 2014.  All of us, however, have special people in mind when we run, or when we donate.  For me this year, I’m thinking not just of Tim, but of my younger brother, who was diagnosed with cancer during the summer.  As we were taking part in the TenTenTen this year, he was at home, recovering from his fourth chemo session.  It’s personal, always.

And we’re very proud, always, to be able to support the work that goes on at Weston Park.  Our University is very much a part of it, driving the clinical research that is constantly taking forward the fight against this awful disease, improving diagnosis and treatment, extending life for people diagnosed with cancer, saving lives.  Every penny we raise will contribute to their work.

Our fundraising page is open till the end of October.  Thank you for your support, as always!


2 thoughts on “Tim’s Team 2018…

  1. Many thanks for the last minute opportunity . I would love to continue in future to be part of it , and to contribute for the cause. #InspirationForLife

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