Halle-loo-yah! Tim’s Team 2017 and the Endcliffe Park 10k

The day of the run began, somewhat inauspiciously, with urgent messages to all the runners:

Loo shortage: Calling Tim’s Team and all participants-you may need to make time for an extra toilet stop before you reach the park for the TenTenTen this morning!

Morning guys – we have a bit of an issue this morning – our toilets have been cancelled on us at 3 am this morning! As a result there are very limited toilets on site – we are trying to rectify the problem quickly!  Please try and arrive having done your business! Please bear with us!


There was an air of panic in many Sheffield households when this message was received.  Although the park features large numbers of trees, we weren’t entirely sure there would be enough for over 1,000 runners to hide behind, should the necessity arise.  Fortunately, to the relief of all concerned, miracles were achieved and the portaloos were in place before the majority of the runners had arrived in the park.


The sun was out, and the going wasn’t too muddy (apart from an unexpected water feature right at the start), and Tim’s Team were in good spirits.



pre run 2017

Tim’s Team 2017 included Dave Sahman, who’s been with us every year since we started in 2012, and new members Wyn and Jo Morgan, and Kim Weir.   Plus Greg Oldfield returned to the team after a nasty Achilles injury (incurred whilst dancing rather than whilst running…).

Now, no one would pretend that the TenTenTen is an easy run.  It’s a mix of road and trail running, including such features as That Hill, narrow woodland paths with tree roots to trip over, and paths through the park with small children and dogs to trip over…  But it’s a lovely setting, and a great atmosphere.

First over the finish line for Inspiration for Life was Nicola Strafford (52.29), with Arthur Annabel and Catherine McKeown in second and third places – they were almost neck and neck until Arthur went for the sprint finish and beat her by 4 seconds!.


Nicola 2017

post run 2017

Tim’s Team 2017:  Arthur Annabel, Claire Beecroft, Simon Beecroft, Jenny Craggs, Hayden Faulds, Catherine McKeown, Jo Morgan, Wyn Morgan, Greg Oldfield (not pictured), Angie Rees, Dave Sahman, Nicola Strafford, and Kim Weir.  Here joined by offspring, including Leo Weir, aged 2, who was a champion cheerleader, and wore himself out clapping and waving.

We’re called Tim’s Team because back in 2012, our friend and colleague Tim Richardson had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and wanted to do something positive, to make something good come out of his heartbreaking situation.  We worked together to set up Inspiration for Life, which aims to promote lifelong learning and public understanding of science, to support students through grants and prizes, and to raise funds for cancer charities.  The 2012 Endcliffe Park run was our first fundraiser – Tim was there to cheer us on.  We didn’t have our distinctive running vests then, but we all wore yellow rosettes.  Everyone in that first team knew Tim.  That’s no longer the case – most of the runners in this year’s team never met him.  But those of us who did, think of him each year when this event comes around, and those who didn’t will think of the people they have lost, family members, friends and colleagues.  People like Victoria Henshaw, who died in 2014, and to whom the 2015 24 Hour Inspire was dedicated. All of us have been affected by cancer, all of us have lost people we loved, and all of us have been inspired by Tim’s vision.

Of course, the purpose of the event was to raise funds for Weston Park Cancer Charity.  Inspiration for Life has been working with Weston Park since the beginning, and we’ve raised funds not only through six successive Endcliffe Park 10ks, but through some of the 24 Hour Inspire events as well.  We’re very proud to be partnered with them, and to be able to support their work, particularly their vital research into prevention and treatment of cancer, research which is carried out with the University of Sheffield.

Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to the fundraising page, and especially to those who put on the Inspiration for Life vest and ran their hearts out for our cause.

You can still sponsor the team here.

I4L 2017


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