Tim still inspires us

It’s wonderful to read these words, and see how Tim and his vision continue to inspire people who never had the chance to meet him. Thanks, Yaseen.

Hobbling Along

A couple of months ago I was back in Sheffield and I attended a particular event that happens yearly, this was my third time attending it, last year I had also volunteered on the ticket stall. It was the 24 Hour Inspire event, aimed at raising money for charity.

24 Hour Inspire is a series of 48 half-hour lectures run back-to-back by different people (uni lecturers, researchers etc.), lectures/talks on all sorts of serious and funky topics, below are some examples:

  • Rise of the machines: robots and fiction
  • Balls of steel: hints and tips for good fertility
  • Brain fizz: making your mind up
  • The Blues of Physics
  • It is getting hot in here: what should we do about climate change
  • Giant microscopes: the big science of very small stuff
  • Using History to Make Sense of the American Presidential Race
  • Can the Bible Help us Solve the Migration Crisis?
  • etc.


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