2016 Tim Richardson Memorial Prize

One of Tim’s legacies to students in Physics & Astronomy was the award of prizes for students who have achieved academic success whilst making a wider contribution through voluntary work, and for those who have had to overcome obstacles and difficulties in order to complete their studies.  It means a lot to us to know that each year we can celebrate the achievements of students in Physics & Astronomy, in memory of a friend and colleague who worked tirelessly to support, encourage and guide students to fulfil their potential, whatever obstacles they faced.

The 2016 recipients are Simon Tonge and Max Albrecht, who share the Tim Richardson Memorial Prize.  We wish them both every success and happiness in the future, and hope that they will keep in touch with Inspiration for Life.

There was something strangely circular about being nominated for a share in the Tim Richardson prize as I finished my time at university, because he was supposed to teach me when I started at Sheffield; first year, 2012. Of course, he had important matters to attend to, and I regret that I never had the opportunity to meet him properly. I would very much have liked to get to know him better, after having heard so much about him and having attended three of 24-hour Inspires (I endeavored to remain awake for the duration of all three).

I am deeply humbled to receive the prize, and I thank the department for the recognition. I hope that someday I may carry out work that goes some way to live up to such a legacy. In the meantime, I fully intend to remain in contact with my friends and teachers at Sheffield, and whenever possible I shall be returning to the department for events, particularly the 24-hour Inspire.

Max Albrecht


I have had a wonderful year in Sheffield and I’m so proud to be a Sheffield graduate. It is important to remember that Physics department is incredibly supportive of its students. I unfortunately suffered with some issues such as depression during my time in Sheffield. If anyone finds themselves with any personal problems at all remember to talk to someone in your department, as they are simply fantastic.

Simon Tonge

simon tonge


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