The Glastonbury of lecturing

‘The “Glastonbury” of lecturing’ (@WynMorgan8)


‘What an amazing event all round.  For atmosphere, content, and the cause, [the 24 Hour Inspire] is one of the best things I’ve been involved in since coming to Uni’ (@RyanBramley93)


‘truly inspiring’ (@jamgregory)


‘It’s 1 am, I’m in my pjs at the Uni, watching a dude explode things in Hicks LTI.  #24HrInspire is the best’ (@rorfitelli)

‘Everybody gets flying saucers!’ (@chellaquint)


‘Ooh, fire bubbles!’ (@cloggingchris)

‘I love the smell of Solar/plasma Physics in the morning’ (@MagneticDr_K)

‘Never drink cheese direct from the goat of God is the main lesson I’ll be taking from this day!’ (@elementaladam)

‘Goosebumps as radio ends on Bowie’s Starman to remember dear colleagues and friends we’ve lost. A fitting tribute.’ (@antheasutton)

49 speakers (14 Professors, 20 academics, 6 postdoctoral researchers, 7 postgraduate students and 2 science educators) from 6 academic/research institutions; 11 MCs; around 75 volunteers; around 15 people contributing to the pop-up radio broadcasts, the filming of the lectures and AV in LT1; 7 artists; around 14 bakers of cakes, buns and savoury snacks; around 8 musicians…

and over £2,600 raised for our charities, Teenage Cancer Trust and Impact Young Heroes!


With thanks to:

Accommodation & Commercial Services, Nate Adams, Paul Adams, Ron Adams, Jonathan Aitken, Cliff Alcock, Ana Amariutei, Rai Aminuddan, Arthur Annabel, Martyn Annabel, Carmen Apostol, Caroline Ardrey, Nishat Awan, Adiba abd Aziz,  Jara Ballestin, Stuart Barkworth, Amy Barratt, Peter Bath, Georgie Beardmore, Claire Beecroft, Donna Binyon (Impact Young Heroes), Freya Bottom, Heather Bowen (Teenage Cancer Trust), Donal Bradley (Oxford University), Ryan Bramley, Tash Bright (, Hannah Brown, Sharon Brown (Impact Young Heroes), Sarah Browne, Stephanie Burg, Robin Byles, Lorna Byrne, Ashley Cadby , Campus Services, Lucie Carrington, Susan Cartwright, Hadrian Cawthorne, Junjin Chen, Zenan Chen, Matthew Chiu, Mark Clowes, John Cockburn, Alex Colley, Rachel Collier-Wilson, Jenny Craggs, Rachel Dahl (Oxford University), Ed Daw, Ian Dawson, Melissa Dawson, Val Derbyshire, Development & Alumni Relations Office, Stavrina Dimosthenous, Christiane During, Scott Eldridge, Patrick Fairclough, Chen Fang, Sam Fargher, Ana Sofia Ferreira, Philippa Fibert, John Flint, Forge Radio, Tom Foster, Jenny Freeman (Leeds University), Ana Morales Garcia, Matthew Gilbert, Heidi Gilchrist, Alastair Goldman, Michael Goudreault, Tom Grew, Nurul abd Hadi, Hannah Hall, Melanie Hannah, Tricia Hart, Andrew Heath, Dominique Heymann, Marika Hietala, Tracy Hilton, Lynette Hodges, Tim Honey, Anne Horn, Beth Howarth, Chris Howett, Peter Jalowiczor, Jonathan James, Zehao Ji, Mohan Jiao, John’s Van, Jenny Johnson, Sally Johnstone, Chris Jones, Richard Jones, Eirini Kalliara, Tom Kennelly, Aneurin Kennerley, Willy Kitchen, Devni Kitulagoda, Ian Knowles, Yun Xin Koh, Heung Ying Lai, Lashing Tails, Van Le, Hannah Lillis, Donger Liu, Ben Lowe, Shera Lu, Cuiying Ma, Graham McElearney, Claire MacGourlay, Nick and Pat McGrath, Pete McKee,  Aneesa Mahmood, Matthew Malek, Fran Marshall,  Chloe Matthewman, Matt Mears, Media Team, Amalie Minarova, Fatima Mohammed, Wyn Morgan, Lee Morris, David Mowbray, Sharon Mukuka, Nic Mullin, Aysha Musa, Marieke Navin, Chris Nelson, Yaseen Noorani, Laura Nuttall, Greg Oldfield, Nicholas Olivier, Robyn Orfitelli, Denise Osei, Buse Ozkan, Allan Pacey, Pornpen Panomwan, Kerry Parker, Clare Parkin, Kamala Perera, Monifa Phillips, Cheyenne Polius, Print & Design Solutions, Gwilym Pryce, Public Engagement & Impact team, Amy Pullan, Chella Quint (DECSY), Eldar Rahimov, Sanna Ranninen, Butheina Rassouni, Angie Rees, Isabel Richardson, Matt Richardson, Mat Robertson, Matt Robson, Angie Rollinson, Nur Mohd Rosli, Tony Ryan, Marina Sanz, Janneke Schellekens, Matthew Schiu, Chris Sexton, Kate Shaw, Sheffield Students Union Box Office, Yulan Sheng, Karam Shergill, Kelly Simpson, Lucy Smith, Christine Sprigg, Miles Stevenson, Nicola Strafford, Philip Strafford, Casey Strine, Anthea Sutton, Josh Swales, Marek Szablewski (Durham University), Andy Tattersall, Beatrice Taylor, Lee Thompson, Nicky Thompson, Maddy Thorniley, Victoria Tippett, Clare Trowell, Irina Vazquez, Alistair Warren, Meredith Warren, Richard Webb, Mike Weir, Xin Wen, Shearer West, Daniel Wild, Luke Wild, Bethany Wiles, Glyn Williams, Richard Williams, Ashley Willis, Luke Wilson (Forge Radio), Colleen Winter, Jiamin Yu, Liqun Zhang, Xiaodan Zhu

Special thanks to task group members: Jenny Craggs, Sam Fargher, Ian Knowles, Greg Oldfield, Angie Rollinson, Nicola Strafford, Nicola Thompson, Mike Weir

and to Sue, Matt and Liam Richardson, Keith and Barbara Richardson, and Susan Jarvis; Tony, Brodie, Alistair and Oliver Henshaw, and Victor and Pauline Colley.


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