Inspiration for Life Radio!



radio station poster

New this year at the 24 Hour Inspire, we have the Inspiration for Life pop-up radio station!  Tune in from 3 pm on Thursday 12 May till 5 pm on Friday 13 May, to hear great music from across the decades, interviews with Inspiration for Life people, Desert Island Discs, and lots, lots more!

So, if you can’t make it to the event (obviously we hope you will, but we do recognise some people may have a really good reason – being on a different continent, that sort of thing) or if you have to leave us for a while to do other stuff, you can still be part of things, and share in the 24 Hour Inspire vibes.

So, to misquote a very different Dr Tim*,  turn on, tune in and donate!


*ask an old person…

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