24 Hour Inspire 2016 12-13 May PROGRAMME



Hicks Building

  Catherine Annabel
Inspiration for Life Welcome
17:00 Professor Allan Pacey
Reproductive & Developmental Medicine The voices of young people living with cancer
17:30 Professor Shearer West Deputy Vice-Chancellor/ History Selfiehood
18:00 Professor Claire McGourlay

Unmaking a murderer

18:30 Dr Jenny Freeman
Leeds Institute of Health Sciences How (not) to present data and results
19:00 Dr Marek Szablewski
Department of Physics, University of Durham Broadcasting to the enemy: Super’s  tale of survival and resistance from the Warsaw Uprising of  1944
19:30 Philippa Fibert ScHARR Making life easier for kids with ADHD – the STAR Project
20:00 Sanna Raninen Music Harmonious marriage: Music-making in fifteenth-century wedding chests
20:30 Professor Dominique Heymann and Dr Hannah Brown Clinical Oncology Bad to the bone: Osteosarcoma and how we can help to fight it
21:00 Dr Mike Weir
Physics & Astronomy
Giant microscopes: the big science of very small stuff
21:30 Andy Tattersall
ScHARR How to be a digital academic
22:00 Professor Alistair Goldman
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Sex: Can it help us fight cancer?
22:30 Professor Matthew Gilbert
Civil Engineering How far is a bridge too far?
23:00 Dr Andrew Heath
History Using history to make sense of the American Presidential race
23:30 Chella Quint
  It’s not you. I just need space (interplanetary letters of love and rejection)
  FRIDAY   13 MAY 2016
0:00 Dr Aneurin Kennerley
Psychology Wookiees can be Jedi Masters too
0:30 Dr Matt Mears
Physics & Astronomy Science fiction? Double feature?
1:00 Dr Nate Adams
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology My favourite fireballs, and how to make them at home
1:30 Dr Robyn Orfitelli
English Language & Linguistics Language myth busting 
2:00 Dr Ed Daw
Physics & Astronomy The blues of physics
2:30 Professor Patrick Fairclough
Mechanical Engineering Posh birds: Colour in nature
3:00 Dr Matthew Malek
Physics & Astronomy A long time ago, in a galaxy far away
3:30 Catherine Annabel
French Mad travellers
4:00 Dr Kate Shaw Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics Working around the clock, looking back in time: Exploration and discovery with ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider
4:30 Dr Jonathan Aitken
Automatic Control & Systems Engineering Taking robotics into fields
5:00 Dr Ashley Cadby
Physics & Astronomy Measuring the effects of cuddling in guillemots
5:30 Dr Caroline Ardrey
French Poets and pop idols: Literary lyrics and music-making in modern French culture
6:00 Dr Chris Nelson
Mathematics & Statistics The world’s local star
6:30 Professor Gwilym Pryce
Urban Studies & Planning The false economy of welfare cuts
7:00 Dr Casey Strine
Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies Can the Bible help us solve the migration crisis?
7:30 Sarah Browne
Mathematics & Statistics Unsolved problems in mathematics 
8:00 Val Derbyshire
English “You’ve been reading too many idiotic trashy books!” Why read Harlequin Mills & Boon romances?
8:30 Dr Scott Eldridge
Journalism Iconoclasts and irritants: Journalism’s new troublemakers
9:00 Professor Simon Goodwin
Physics & Astronomy Is the Earth ‘just right’ for life? 
9:30 Professor Richard Jones
Physics & Astronomy Does science really make the economy grow?
10:00 Dr Chris Jones
Psychology Nothing to wear?
10:30 Dr Glyn Williams
Urban Studies & Planning Building inclusive cities? India’s urban development challenge
11:00 Professor David Mowbray and Dr Marieke Navin
Physics & Astronomy/ Discovery Centre, Jodrell Bank Loud sound!
12:00 Dr Christine Sprigg
Institute of Work Psychology, Management School Workplace bullies, cyberbullies and scary monsters
12:30 Dr Nishat Awan
Architecture Stories of migration from the edge of Europe
13:00 Professor Wyn Morgan
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Learning & Teaching Why do food prices matter?
13:30 Ryan Bramley
English Born(e) of Coal: Filmmaking and the engaged curriculum
14:00 Dr Cormac Behan
Law Prisoners’ rights are human rights?
14:30 Professor Donal Bradley
Division of Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences, University of Oxford Shaping polymer optical properties at the molecular level
15:00 Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon Mechanical Engineering What the frack! #EthicalEngineeringStudents
15:30 Dr Susan Cartwright
Physics & Astronomy The next galactic supernova
16:00 Dr Meredith Warren
English/Sheffield Institute of Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies Tastes that transform: Eating food from other realms
16:30 Professor Tony Ryan
Chemistry A sustainable model for intensive agriculture.

Or: How to offend everybody: organically farmed, genetically modified crops, fertilised by human excrement.

17.00 Catherine Annabel Inspiration for Life Closing words


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