24 Hour Inspire, 16-17 April 2015 – Programme

Catherine Annabel Inspiration for Life Introduction and welcome
17:00:00 Professor John Flint Town & Regional Planning Victoria Henshaw – a tribute
17:30:00 Dr Nate Adams Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Throwing spanners at nanobots
18:00:00 Dr Victoria Williamson Music Music for wellbeing: possibilities and promise
18:30:00 Professor Paul White Geography Global population growth – the good news and the bad news
19:00:00 Professor Rowland Atkinson Town & Regional Planning Ecology of sound: the sonic order of urban space
19:30:00 Morag Rose Town & Regional Planning Loitering with intent: psychogeography the Mancunian Way
20:00:00 Professor Claire McGourlay Law Legal aid – what legal aid?
20:30:00 Dr Amanda Crawley Jackson French Post-traumatic landscapes
21:00:00 Professor Davide Costanzo Physics & Astronomy Anatomy of the ATLAS particle detector
21:30:00 Dr Tim Shephard Music Machiavellian sounds: how to rule a Renaissance state with music
22:00:00 Dr Catherine Fletcher History The insider’s guide to Wolf Hall
22:30:00 Professor Lee Thompson Physics & Astronomy The neutrino hunters: catching the impossible
23:00:00 Dr Matt Mears Physics & Astronomy Ad-lib physics: five key concepts from five different boxes
23:30:00 Sarah Browne Mathematics & Statistics Coding – an easy example regarding ISBN (International Standard Book Numbers)
00:00:00 Dr Andrew Parnell Physics & Astronomy Illuminating the natural world, structural colour and the physics behind it
00:30:00 Chella Quint Development Education Centre South Yorkshire #periodpositive
01:00:00 Professor Allan Pacey School of Medicine and Biomedical Science The ins and outs of sperm donation
01:30:00 Professor Tony Ryan Chemistry 3000 years of condoms – a material history
02:00:00 Dr Ed Daw Physics & Astronomy The blues of Physics
02:30:00 Dr Drew Tarmey Manchester Medical School Star Trek science in the NHS today
03:00:00 Dr Ana Morales Garcia Physics & Astronomy Mexican scientific
03:30:00 Dr James Mullaney Physics & Astronomy A universal future
04:00:00 Dr Anna Topakas Management School How to become a successful leader at work
04:30:00 Dr Rhoda Hawkins Physics & Astronomy “What is life?”
05:00:00 Dr Glyn Williams Town & Regional Planning India’s city visions – building a dynamic and inclusive urban future?
05:30:00 Professor Alistair Warren Biomedical Sciences Whips and lashes – just a pain in the neck?
06:00:00 Dr Ashley Cadby & Dr Katherine Inskip Physics & Astronomy Clash of the optics
06:30:00 Professor Peter Bath Information School A problem shared…? Online sharing among people with a life-threatening illness
07:00:00 Dr Jane Hodson English What bad novels can tell us about dialect
07:30:00 Dr Susan Cartwright Physics & Astronomy Einstein and the photon
08:00:00 Dr Paul Mitchener Mathematics & Statistics The Golden Ratio
08:30:00 Dr Tom Goodfellow and Bobby Nisha Town & Regional Planning Urban design adventures in Istanbul: reflections from a student field class
09:00:00 Dr Susan Molyneux-Hodgson Sociological Studies What should we do about nuclear waste?
09:30:00 Dr Richard Steadman-Jones English “If you have ever kept an owl as a pet…”: reading the Ladybird Nature books fifty years on
10:00:00 Professor Rod Nicolson Psychology The joy of positive learning
10:30:00 Dr Katie Edwards Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies God, what a brat!
11:00:00 Professor David Mowbray & Dr Marieke Navin Physics & Astronomy/Manchester Museum of Science & Industry The fantastic world of light
12:00:00 Dr Marek Szablewski University of Durham Joker – and his escape from Auschwitz
12:30:00 Dr Penelope Ottewell Clinical Oncology Live longer, healthier and happier: The impact of cancer research
13:00:00 Dr Eran Elhaik Animal & Plant Sciences Deciphering the geographical origin of a complex language using Geographical Population Structure (GPS)
13:30:00 Professor Heather Campbell Town & Regional Planning Planning … to change the world for the better
14:00:00 Professor Donal Bradley Imperial College, London Molecular metamaterials: using polymer conformation to define photonic nanostructures
14:30:00 Professor Tony Prescott Psychology Disappearing up your own singularity: observations on our future life with AI and robotic technologies
15:00:00 Dr Jenny Freeman University of Leeds Holding our politicians to account: key questions to ask when presented with data.
15:30:00 Dr Amber Regis English “Some thrill of pity”: editing other people’s lives
16:00:00 Dr Paul Graham Raven Town & Regional Planning What lies beneath? The role of utopianism in science fiction and urban planning
16:30:00 Professor Richard Jones Physics & Astronomy Making life
Close Catherine Annabel Inspiration for Life

2 thoughts on “24 Hour Inspire, 16-17 April 2015 – Programme

  1. Reblogged this on occursus and commented:
    My talk on post-traumatic landscapes – part of 24-Hour Inspire at the University of Sheffield

    The 2015 24 Hour Inspire starts at 5.00 pm on Thursday 16 April, and ends at 5.00 pm on Friday 17 April – in between, audiences can enjoy lectures on everything from photons to psychogeography, with speakers from across the University and beyond.

    This year’s event is dedicated not only to Tim Richardson but to Dr Victoria Henshaw, who was a lecturer in the department of Town & Regional Planning until her death from cancer last autumn. Many of her colleagues are participating in this year’s event, and our opening speaker will be presenting a tribute to her.

    Proceeds from the 24 Hour Inspire will go to our partner charities Rotherham Hospice and Impact Young Heroes – funds will be raised via the sale of tickets (£2 for a single lecture, £7 for the full 24), books and refreshments, and from cash donations on the day. You can also donate through our BT MyDonate fundraising page, which is live now, and will be open for some time after the event.

    The programme for the event can be found on the charity’s blog and we will keep everyone informed about any updates and changes to the programme through the blog and website as well as through Facebook and Twitter.

    Come and join us – for one lecture or several, or even the full 24! Help us to celebrate living, giving and learning.

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